Your Progress

Hey sweet lady,

This is a place for you to check and update your progress. We all know that being accountable will increase your chances of success. 

We are with you all the way. 

You can print this out every month and start with a fresh goal or whenever you need. 

Access your 3 week “Loose inches of your waist” plan: BEGINNERS

3 Weekly plan Beginners

Access your 3 week “Loose inches of your waist” plan: INTERMEDIATE

3 Weekly plan Intermediate
You do not have to plan 10 weeks worth of workouts in one go.
Plan ahead each week and treat each workout as an appointment you do not want to miss! 

If you ever need any extra help, please get in touch.
Hoola levels: 

If you are into improving your hooping skills, here is the progress chart. 

Accsess printable version of hooping levels here
  Hoola MovesHoola Tricks
Level 1Complete beginner
  • 3 min hooping on the waist in favourite hoop stance
  • Boomerang (v)
  • Skipping
  • Moving feet
  • Moving arms
  • Spin around with the hoop
  • Speedy Hooping
  • Hoop recovery
  • Infinity (v)
  • Revolving door (v)
  • Leg lift Under leg Pass (v)
Level 3Intermediate hooper
  • Limbo (v)
  • Walking while hooping
  • Changing the hoop flow (v)
  • Flick off (v)
  • Halo(v)
  • Kick up
Level 4Proficient hooper
  • Booty bliss
  • Back push
  • Hooping in second flow for 3 min
  • Taking hoop off body (v)
  • Putting the hoop on body
  • Bow (v)
  • Connecting 2 tricks of choice
Level 5Hoop Dancer
  • Chest hooping
  • Knee hooping
  • Wedgie(v)
  • Vortex
  • Leg Hook (v)
  • Connecting 3 or more moves together
Hoola Instructor

(v)* video instructions available in your hoola library (members web page and under “Topics” in members Facebook group)