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Looking for best ab exercise for women? Fun workout at home?

Hoola Nation membership a fantastic option for women who like to learn new skills = hoola hoop, want to feel motivated and love to feel confident in their own skin.

In our friendly community we will support each other to achieve positive transformation or just enjoy hoola. Whichever you choose, we are here to back you up.

You can access daily hoola fit workouts (for complete beginners and intermediate hoopers), learn exciting hoola tricks and take the challenge whenever suits you, from the comfort of your own home.

  • ✓ Fun workout at home
  • ✓ Tone your stomach
  • ✓ Look and feel great

With 12 years experience in hooping and helping women to live the life they want, we will be sharing guidance and personal tips to inspire you and remind you that you can be whoever you choose to be.


  • “I have lost 2 inches from my waist in 3 weeks”
    3 weeks into the challenge I have lost 2 inches from my waist and 4lbs.
    I am so happy I am a member of Hoola Nation.
    MERYL BAKER – Hoola Nation Member
  • “So glad I have discovered Hoola Nation!”
    It’s brilliant! I am SO glad I have discovered Hoola Nation!
    ERICA MAYER - Hoola Nation Member
  • “I have lost one and half inches of my waist”
    I'm literally jumping through hoops this morning.

    I got my hoop 4 weeks ago and I love it. Along with hooping I have been calorie counting this week and lost 5lbs and one and half inches off my waist. Without a doubt hooping has helped achieved this. So glad I signed up - happy hooping everyone!
    SARAH SWIRE – Hoola Nation Member
  • “Joining Hoola Nation has had an amazing impact on myself and my family”
    I’m loving hooping and everything that comes with it. I’m doing both classes each week and doing them with my daughters too and I love that I can do them on different days when it’s best for me.

    Joining Hoola Nation has had an amazing impact on myself and my family and I’m so glad I’m part of the Hoola Nation family.
    HAYLEY WOODWARD – Hoola Nation member
  • “ You have really helped to keep me motivated”
    I'm really enjoying the membership. I like having access to workouts that I can do in my own time. Having the live workouts on top of that really structures my week and reminds me that I need to get moving.

    I didn't realise when I signed up that there would be so much daily support. You have really helped to keep me motivated.
    KADIE JO – Hoola Nation Member


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First off, choose a membership option that suits you (we recommend the “Fit and Happy” package). 
Fit and Happy
New Me - Supercharger
Private Facebook Group
Web Page & Private Facebook Group
Web Page, FB Group & One-to-one monthly session
Two Weekly live Hoola Fit Classes
Two monthly Hoola Masterclasses
Seven-Day Beginners course
50 different workouts (from 5 min to 30 min long)
Focused workouts*
Hoola tricks
Self-care top tips
No Hoop workouts
(Yoga, HIIT, Pilates, ect.)
Eat well inspirations
Think clear guides
One-to-one session with Sasha**
Custom tailored program***
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No contract. You can cancel anytime.
No contacts. You can cancel the membership any time - no questions asked.
*Focused Workouts
Offering you the opportunity to focus on toning a particular part of the body: Belly, Arms, Legs and Butt.
**One-to-one session with Sasha
This will guarantee to keep you on track. The 45 min session is designed to suit your exact needs. The session runs via Zoom.
***Custom tailored program
For complete beginners as well as for intermediate hoopers.