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Motivated to move

In today’s world everybody is looking for a magic pill. A magic pill that will make us slimmer, a magic pill that will make us feel better, a magic pill that will solve our problem.   I have some good news! I know of the magic pill. It is simple. But it is not easy.  The […]

Benefits of hooping

Most people think of hoola hooping as a fun activity for the kids; which it is!, but it is also A LOT more than that. It’s a great way to keep fit : different, fun and effective.  So, let’s talk about why hoola hooping is good for you …... I have to be honest, when […]

Anyone can hoola hoop

Have you tried hooping yet? If yes, you might be struggling - in which case, please don't worry. You are not alone.Some people can hoola straight away, others take a while, but! ……   Here is the thing. Anyone can hoola hoop. That's right, anyone. How do we know?Because we have been teaching women to hoola for […]