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Who WE are & How WE can help you

Hello lovely, we are delighted that you’re here. If you are looking for a fun, different and effective way to keep fit, look no further. 

This is the home of Hoola Nation, a friendly community for women who want to feel good, learn a new skill and access great hoola hoop workouts. We are all about helping you with the motivation that you need to get fit or fitter and feel good. We have worked with thousands of women from all over the world and we can support you too. No matter where you are with your level of fitness or your hoola hooping skills – we’ve got you covered. There are so many resources that will get you to where you want to be and keep you there: 
Fit. Happy. & Confident.


  • “I’m on top of the world!”
    I’m on top of the world! In 3 weeks I’ve been hooping, I have lost 2 and a half inches from my waist, a further 2 inches from the rest of my body and A STONE in weight. I absolutely
    love hooping.
    SAMI GRANT – Hoola Nation Member
  • “The fun, laughter, confidence, positivity”
    Hoola Nation is amazing; the fun, laughter, confidence, positivity… and it doesn’t sound like exercise does it? Believe me it’s a full body workout, you definitely get your heart and muscles working! My hoola hoop is my circle of happiness…. For great exercise and lots of fun I would definitely recommend HOOLA NATION membership!
  • “Hooping is great for my flabby belly”
    Hooping is great for my flabby belly and being a Hoola Nation Member gives me ideas on what to do and keeps me motivated to do it!
  • “Thanks so much for my hoola hoop.”
     I can actually hula now. Couldn’t for even a second with my other one. I’m made up. I am so made up!
  • “I am loving it!”
    Hooping 10 minutes a day and 2 classes a week, I have lost 8lb and 1 inch off my waist in 3 weeks.
    Thank you Hoola Nation. I am loving it! xxx
    SHARON BREWER - Hoola Nation Member

What can we do for YOU?

Help you learn a new skill

Hoola hooping is such a fun and effective way of keeping fit. Check out these three exciting three hoola challenges and learn the basic hooping skills. 

Can you do it?

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Provide the right equipment

The saying “A bad craftsman blames their tools” has never been so UNTRUE. You will need the right equipment to be able to hoola and we’ve got it.
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Help you get you fit and feel good

Toning your belly and keeping fit has never been so much fun! The membership is suitable for all abilities.
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I'm Sasha

I have never been able to hoola hoop. Not as a child. Not as an adult. I came across hoola hooping by complete accident in my 30s. I struggled at first, but luckily for me, hooping is not to be taken too seriously, but it is seriously good exercise. 

Here is the thing. I always wanted to keep fit but was quickly bored with any classic exercise. Plus, after my second pregnancy, my belly was becoming somewhat unattractive (that’s a nice way of putting it ;o).

 After I ordered my first fitness hoop on-line, I started practicing straight away. It wasn’t easy for me (some can do it straight away), but it was so so worth it. Small steps. A few spins. A couple of tricks here and there. I celebrated every little success and loved it so much, I started spreading the word. And eight years later I became a Guinness World Record holder for hoola hooping the London Marathon (a record which I still hold today – check the 2021 issue of Guiness Book of Records). 

If I can do it, you can do it too! I am not saying you should become a World Record holder (although you have my full support if you do!), but you can definitely learn to hoola hoop. Hooping has had such a great impact on my life, and I have dedicated my life to supporting women like you in enjoying exercise and loving life. 

Let’s do this. I’ve got your back.


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