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Collapsible Fitness Hula Hoop COLIN

This superb all-round fitness hoop will not let you down. It is excellent for shaping your waist and improving general fitness. Also, it is collapsible, so very practical, and great for storage too.

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Without a doubt the best and most practical fitness hula hoop on the market.

  • Suitable for beginners and experienced hoopers
  • Excellent for toning your belly and whole-body workout
  • Ideal weight for adult fitness hula hooping cca: 700g
  • Covered with quality grip tape to make the spinning easier
  • Designed for a safe, low impact workout that can be performed by adults of all ages and abilities
  • It’s collapsible features make Colin a fantastic hula hoop for storage
  • Made and decorated in UK to guarantee style and perfection

Additional information


Sparkly silver and blue, Sparkly silver and pink, Standard blue and purple


38" (dress size 8 and 10), 40" (dress size 12 and 14)

2 reviews for Collapsible Fitness Hula Hoop COLIN

  1. Kadie Jo

    Omg! Sasha, I am absolutely over the moon with my new hoop. It is soooooooooooo beautiful! The tape, the colour, the size and weight is perfect! I can't wait to try some tricks with it. Thank you thank you thank you!! Xx

  2. Carol (verified owner)

    I can keep it spinning!!! I just can't stop smiling 😂 Thanks Colin ❤️! Carol

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