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Motivated to move

October 28, 2020

In today’s world everybody is looking for a magic pill. A magic pill that will make us slimmer, a magic pill that will make us feel better, a magic pill that will solve our problem.  

I have some good news! I know of the magic pill. It is simple. But it is not easy. 

The magic pill? Exercise.  

The benefits of physical movement have long been documented; it’s great for your body and mind, it is energising, it clears your head, lowers stress levels etc.… So what is the problem? 

We know we should move, go for a walk, run or do some hooping. We make a plan, but then we don’t follow it through. And this happens again and again. 

Why are we so good at thinking of what to do, but so terrible at actually doing those things? 

The problem is we are skipping an essential step: the feelings. We rarely take our emotions into account, even though they are a fundamental part of why humans do what they do. We keep finding excuses, because we don’t feel like going out today or we don’t feel like hooping today.  

And yes, granted, hooping is great because it doesn’t feel like your regular boring exercise… but still…. sometimes even the best exercise can be hard to keep up! 

If you want to get your magic pill, you will need to start thinking about exercise in a more “mechanical way”. 

Here are 3 basic hacks to get you moving: 

  1. Ignore the feelings 

Trick yourself; no matter how you are feeling and what excuse you find, ignore the negative self-talk and put on your trainers anyway. Open the door. Push yourself out and start walking. You know you will feel better afterwards.  

2.) Monitor the progress

Nothing is more motivating than progress.  So track your progress. Celebrate small wins. Research shows that rewards are responsible for three-quarters of why you do things. Congratulate yourself whenever you complete a workout. 

3) Use peer pressure

Surround yourself with active people. According to research, you are likely to develop health habits of those around you. If you’re in a group of people who have high goals for looking after themselves, you are likely to take on that same attitude. 

As we said: ”It’s simple, but not easy.”  Still, you can do this! Grab your hoop and let’s hoola!  

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