Success Story

Maja Kenney: Habit of a lifetime


Weight-loss: 1stone
Inches lost from waist: 3 inches

Maja is a business professional and a family woman. Maja prioritises her son, Sam, in everything that she does. This often means she is left short of time to focus on her personal hobbies and wellbeing. Upon hearing about how something as fun as hoola hooping can be hugely beneficial for the spirit as well as general health, Maja was keen to give it a go.

Sure enough, hooping did wonders for Maja’s wellbeing. Giving a little time to focus on herself was just the boost Maja’s self-confidence needed. On top of that, Maja lost almost a stone in weight, hooping has shaped her waist and stomach area nicely, leaving her feeling happier for it.

Commented Maja Kenney: “Considering I’ve never done anything like this before, I surprised myself at how easily I picked it up. Hooping became my fitness bible and I managed to stick to it, just because it was so much fun – it didn’t feel like exercise at all.

Nikki Hancock
A perfect fit


Weight-loss: 2stone
Inches lost from waist: 4 inches

Nikki is a wife and working mum of three. She has always maintained a naturally slender physique and so until recently, Nikki has been able to enjoy a life without having to worry about dieting or regular exercise. But after giving birth to her third child, things changed for Nikki.
After looking at pictures of her former self, Nikki decided she needed to take back control of her weight and change her eating habits. She had heard of how Hoola Hooping is brilliant for weight loss, particularly around the stomach and waist area, so the ‘21-day Hoola Challenge’, which combines hoola hooping with a detox and diet plan, was sure to help Nikki get the result she wanted.

Before starting the challenge, Nikki had no hoola hooping experience at all. She explains : “I used the preparation days to practice and finally I managed to get the hoola hoop spinning and keep it up. Then there was no stopping me!
“I’m a mum of three, so it’s hard for me to find time to go to the gym. That was one of the best things about doing this challenge; it was easy to fit the exercises into my daily routine and I could do it all from home.”
Nikki completed the ‘21-day Hoola Challenge’ in January 2013 where she lost 7lbs in weight and two inches off her waist.

After achieving such a fantastic result, she was determined to lose more weight and maintain this new healthy diet. So Nikki decided to undertake two further challenges in March and July 2013 and continued her healthy eating in between each challenge. By the end of July 2013, Nikki had lost over two stone in weight and shed almost four inches off of her waist. Thanks to her new routine of diet and exercise, Nikki is in control of her health and is continuing to maintain a healthy weight.

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