Pro exercise hoop

This superb all-round fitness hoop will not let you down. It is excellent for shaping your waist and improving general fitness.

Price: £18.50 – £20.50

Price: £18.50£20.50

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Product Description

  • Suitable for beginners and experienced hoopers
  • Good for total body workout, especially tummy
  • Designed for a safe, low impact workout that can be performed by adults of all ages and abilities
  • Covered with quality grip tape to make the spinning easier
  • No joints, welded to insure durability
  • Made and decorated in UK to guarantee style and perfection
  • Great for learning tricks
  • Strong and rigid
  • weight cca: 700 g

Additional Information


Sparkly silver and blue, Sparkly silver and pink, Standard blue and purple


36″ (dress size 8), 38″ (dress size 10), 40″ (dress size 12), 42″ (dress size 14-16)