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Our mission is to make hoola hooping accessible, effective and great fun for adults and children of all levels and abilities.

We are on a mission to spread the joy of hooping to adults and children around the world by providing quality instructor training classes and workshops, as well as retailing high-quality fitness hoops.

Hoola Nation was founded in 2009 by Sasha Kenney, a qualified Fitness and Hooping Instructor, a nutrition coach and a world record holder.

“I have always wanted to keep fit, but couldn’t ever stick to anything because I quickly got bored of exercise routines. I have tried running, going to the gym participating in fitness classes and all sorts – I just couldn’t put up with ‘dull exercises’.

“After my second child I was desperate to tone my flabby tummy and I came across hooping I started hooping for fun at first, but found it so addictive! It was amusing. It felt so good and it was the first kind of exercise that actually produced results. Soon after I found I had invented and learned tricks and games and my new passion had spread to my four year old daughter and her little friends It is because of this , that I decided to establish Hoola Nation – promoting fun fitness for all ages and abilities.

Sasha Kenney

“Hoola hooping not only ensures my personal space, , but it focuses my mind. I love the giggles; and the sassiness of it; and most of all, I love the playfulness it brings out in me. It gives me a chance to explore my inner child – all the times when all I needed was to wiggle, wriggle and twirl. The times when I was able to find magic and smiles at any little thing.”

Sasha holds a Guinness World record for running the fastest London Marathon whilst hoola hooping, which she did in just over three hours. See the interview from the marathon on BBC

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I look forward to hearing from you. Sasha x

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