7 reasons why you should come to Hoola Nation class

1. You can totally hoola hoop – even if you think you can’ t. ….. Especially – if you think you can’t.

That’s because it’s not about you. It’s about having the right hoola hoop and a good instructor. And Hoola Nation classes have got both ;o) So, there is no need for you to feel intimidated. Ever.


2. You will be buzzing after the class. Buzzing. Ready to take on the world.

We all know it’s often damn hard to get yourself off the sofa and go to any class… especially an exercise class……. Blahhhhhh….. But, oh my lord……. Once you do it – you will feel on the top of the world. Ready to Go girl! ……


3. You’ll be awesomely looked after.

Your instructor is always mega friendly (that’s because she loves her job! ;o). And totally motivating. There to support and encourage you. Look after you. And to make sure you squeeze the maximum out of your self. Not to mention, she’ll always have a sweet hoola trick up her sleeve.


4. Your body will thank you. Especially your belly.

Hell yeah. What a workout! Hooping will actually give you a total body workout, but it does focus on flattening your core. Flabby belly? No more.


5. You will love our killer tracks

You’ll totally love the uplifting music . You might not be able to help yourself but to sing along…. Apologies about that in advance ;o)

Photo: Matej Povsewww.matejpovse.com

6. There are over 470 different things to do with the hoop

That’s right. 470 different fun ways to use a hoop. Some to tone your belly. Others to tone your butt, legs and arms. All wrapped in pure fun. With sprinkles on top.


7. Your hoola class mates will be so lovely.

A bunch of great ladies. Every time. Every class. (Still not quite sure how that happens ;o)
But we Thank you!


We look forward to seeing you in the class!
Your Hoola Nation Team x

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